ZTE CONCORD II only $19.99!

   ZTE CONCORD II for $19!!!


     Streaming videos for a long period of time could be exhausting to your personal phone.  That’s why I suggest you either use older phones and tablets or find great deals in-store and online!  You might think that it is impractical to buy phone just to use for apps…but remember, it is just like an investment.  As long as you buy really cheap phones you will get your money back in a week or two of doing Swagbucks or Perk.

So, if you’re looking for a phone to use for either Swagbucks or Perk, there’s a great deal right now on ZTE CONCORD II at Metro PCS.  It’s on sale for $19!  Such a good deal coz this phone will cost you $79 at Amazon.  Even if it is locked to Metro PCS, you don’t have to activate it.  All you need to do is connect it to wi-fi and start earning!

I don’t know when the sale ends so you better grab it while you can!

Check this out:

ZTE CONCORD II for $19!!!

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