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Pinoy Favorites

Pinoy Favorites is a collection of my family’s favorite recipes.  I love to cook so I have collected a bunch of recipes and revised them to suit my taste (the Pinoy taste).  The recipes in this site are either my own creations or adaptations of recipes I love.  I got most of these recipes from cooking shows, cookbooks, friends, family,  and of course from recipe sites across the web.  So, instead of having a stack of recipes, I’ve decided to create this site.  Not only that it helps me organize all my favorite recipes in one site, I am also able to share these to my fellow Filipinos all over the world and to everyone else who loves to cook.

Besides cooking, I also have a passion for savings.  I love coupons, rebates, deals and freebies.  Here in Pinoy Favorites, I will also share some tips on how to save money with coupons and how to earn extra cash from home.  I hope you find this site fun and helpful.

Thanks so much for visiting Pinoy Favorites!